All the tutorials are contained in:


By default the Install_Directory is /usr/local/aplus-fsf-x.xx 
(where x.xx is version.release)

i.e. /usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.18/doc/tutorials/GettingStarted

This set of tutorials deals primarily with the A+ language. However,
the first one, GettingStarted, is designed to do just what its name
says, to introduce you to the A+ application development system in
which you will work.

If you are relatively new to programming in A+ or APL, or if you are
rusty, go on to ScalarFunctions. If you are familiar with APL,
however, go on to SimpleArrays instead and look for the differences
between A+ and the APL dialects you know.

A+ uses the special APL character set, which requires special key
sequences for entry; see the keyboard layout diagrams in Chapter 2
and Appendix B of the A+ Reference Manual.

                          A+ Language Tutorials                         
| File           |Summary of Topics                                 |
|GettingStarted  |Emacs and A+                                      |
|ScalarFunctions |Elementary A+                                     |
|Syntax          |Well-Formed A+ Expressions                        |
|SimpleArrays    |The Primitive Functions for Simple, Flat Data     |
|Assignment      |The Various Forms of Assignment, or Specification |
|NestedArrays    |The Primitive Functions for Composite Data        |
In addition to these tutorials, there are two subdirectories:

- one containing tutorials for screen management and some material
  for examples, treating all classes except graphs (s.tutorials);
  start with s.tutorials/introduction;
- one containing a tutorial on the graph display class and a file of
  data for examples (graphs);