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Open A+ and the web site behind it represent the work of many people. First are the people who invented and developed A+ at Morgan Stanley. Then there are the principals who brought A+ to an open state, packaged it, created the web site and maintain it. They are Jon McGrew, Bubbette McLeod, John Mizel, Brian Redman and Mike Sklar.

Jason Shupe takes care of the A+ mailing list and archives. Neil Roeth works on the Debian stuff. Marcus Schwartz lets us log into machines in his possession to compile and test Solaris ports. Credit goes to the managers at Morgan Stanley who blessed the idea of open A+. We appreciate the work of people at Morgan Stanley in legal, corporate communications and web services, and those who support the infrastructure enabling this web site.

The heart of the web site is the reference manual. It's based on the printed manuals available to Morgan Stanley employees. The printed manual source is in FrameMaker. The rest of the web site is almost all directly based on the XEmacs web site at the time the A+ site was created.

Thanks to the designers
of www.xemacs.org for
their inspirational look
and feel.
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