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The technical community is buzzing over A+.

  • fw writes in response to an announcement of SHARP APL and A+ for Linux:

    Das ist nun wirklich keine Neuheit oder?

    Es ist schön, daß es immer noch APL-Programmierer gibt. ;-)

  • The Director of the Center for Information Technology Integration at a certain University. writes upon learning of our web site:

    apl? ew.

  • Raphael writes in the freemarket-devel mailing list:

    A descendant of APL... yeah, why not? Provided you have a decent font (because you need a special font) and have some mathematical background and love to program cryptic things in a WORN language (Write Once, Read Never), I'm sure it will be an appealing choice...

  • A prominent co-author of many books with Programming in the title whose last initial is neither P nor R upon learning of A+:

    thanks. i'll take a look...

If you locate more reviews please send them to the address at the bottom of your screen. We'll paste them up here.

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