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Here are resources potentially of interest to people using or looking at A+. There is no attempt to duplicate the extensive and informative APL FAQ maintained by S.W. Sirlin.

  • www.acm.org/sigapl - The ACM Special Interest Group on the APL and J languages

  • www.jsoftware.com - Home to the J programming language.

  • www.kx.com - Kx Systems, home of the Kdb ultra high-performance relational database system and the K programming language in which Kdb is implemented.

  • www.soliton.com - Soliton Associates, home of SHARP APL.

  • 99 Bottles of Beer - An algorithm implemented in hundreds of different "programming languages."

  • usenet:comp.lang.apl - A relatively low volume high content APL oriented newsgroup.

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