The Value Area


The value area is shown if there is space beyond what is needed for the window manager areas and the title area.  The raised rectangle in it encroaches on the title area if the value area is squeezed out of existence.


The user can display the drop down menu by pressing any mouse button while the pointer is on the value area or by pressing Enter when the widget has keyboard focus.

Size and Contents

The depth is calculated to contain one line, in `font, or, if the title is shown and its font is larger, `titlefont.

The width is affected by:

The current choice is shown and, to its right, a raised rectangle which has no function.


The color of the value area, the background, is `bg, whose default is `grey (more precisely, the value of s.GREY).© Copyright 1995–2006 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.