The Values


Values are shown if there is space (beyond what is needed for the window manager areas and the title area) for cells that are shown are fully shown, as described in the value area page.


The items of the array are shown in the corresponding cells, the cells that are shown being determined by `firstrow and `firstcol.  There are four cases:


A cell can be edited, as described in the input section of the user interaction chapter, (attributes affecting editing: `edit `editbegincb `editendcb `editspace `protect `protected),
selected or referred, as described in the selection and choosing sections of that chapter, (attributes affecting these operations: `index `refer `select `selected `selectionmode),
and clipped, as described in the primary selection buffer section, (attributes affecting clipping: `clear `notify `primary `request).


The values are shown in `font, whose default value is `kaplgallant (or more precisely, the value of s.FONT).


The color of the values, the foreground, is© Copyright 1995–2008 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.