The Value


The value is shown if there is space beyond what is needed for the window manager areas and the title area.


The ravel of the underlying array is shown, if it is simple, padded by trailing blanks, for a minimum of twenty characters and a maximum of one more character than there is in the array.


The value can be edited, as described in the input section of the user interaction chapter, (attributes affecting editing: `edit `editbegincb `editendcb `editspace `protect `protected). If `key has been given an (event) callback function, it is called after every keystroke. Although the underlying variable is not changed until editing is complete, `buffer has the latest contents of the value field, including the character for the key that caused the callback.


The value is shown in `font, whose default value is `kaplgallant (or more precisely, the value of s.FONT).


The color of the value, the foreground, is `editfg (whose default value is `white) when it is being edited, and otherwise `fg (whose default value is `black, or, more precisely, the value of s.BLACK).© Copyright 1995–2008 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.