The Shell Title Area


The shell title area appears when
  • the object is top level, or
  • it is a popup whose `head attribute is 1 (the default);
its presence is not otherwise controllable.


Besides providing an area in which the shell title is displayed, the shell title area acts as a button:
When the left or middle mouse button is pressed on it, it appears depressed;  if the mouse is then moved, double-pointed crossed arrows appear, centered at the spot in the shell title area that was pointed to, and the widget moves with the pointer, stopping when the button is released.

When the right mouse button is pressed on it the window manager menu appears, just as for the menu button.


The shell title area's depth is controlled by the window manager, and is the same as that of the menu button.

Its width is always at least as great as the menu button width, is not affected by the length of the shell title, and is determined by


The color of the shell title area is controlled by the window manager; there is no A+ interface for it.© Copyright 1995–2008 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.