The Menu Labels


Each label is shown whenever the drop down menu is displayed (provided, of course, that the screen size permits it).


Determined by `label.  If this attribute is null, the symbolic indices of the underlying slotfiller are used, as characters, without the backquotes;  a symbolic index is likewise used for an individual label that is null in `label.

If a value is a character matrix, its ravel is used;  if perchance a nested array is specified, the specifying A+ expression is shown.


Labels are always left justified.  Since the choice shown in the value area is always centered, this item in the menu may not be horizontally aligned with it.


The label font is `labelfont if that is non-null, else kaplgallant (more precisely, the value of s.FONT).  It does not follow `font.


The label color is `labelfg if that is non-null, else black (more precisely, the value of s.BLACK).  It does not follow `fg.© Copyright 1995–2008 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.