The Values and Labels Area


This area is present unless the widget has been made too small to display both it and the other areas.


It contains the buttons and the labels (if any).  If there is not enough space for both, the labels are truncated or not shown.


By default, the button-label pairs are arranged vertically, but the arrangement can be specified by the `geometry attribute.
Each button-label area corresponds to either
  • a symbolic index of the underlying slotfiller variable or
  • a blank area as specified in the `geometry attribute.  Rows containing only blank areas are not shown (i.e., have depth 0) unless `R is 1, and columns containing only blank areas are not shown (i.e., have width 0) unless `C is 1, and even then trailing rows and columns with only blank areas are not shown.


The color is determined by the `bg attribute.  It is grey by default (more precisely, the value of s.GREY).© Copyright 1995–2008 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.