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A+ Fonts with Microsoft® Windows® (e.g., for Exceed)

Installing the Fonts Locally

 The first step is to locate the APL font source files (*.bdf) in distribution (Most likely .../fonts/X11/bdf)  and copy these to C:\TEMP (you can use any destination location; just make the correct substitutions in the procedures that follow).

To install an APL font for reading the on-line documentation with Microsoft Windows:

In order to properly view the on-line documentation, you will need to install an APL font in your PC's local font directory. You can get a TrueType font from .../fonts/TrueType/KAPL.TTF  in the A+ distribution.
  1. Use ftp to download this font to a temporary folder on your desktop.

  2. ...Alternatively, Shift+left-click here to download the Kapl font to your PC desktop.
  3. Double click on the "My Computer" folder on your Microsoft Windows desktop.
  4. Double click on the "Control Panel" folder.
  5. Double click on the "Fonts" folder.
  6. Drag and drop the font folder from your desktop into the Fonts folder.
  7. Close the open folders.

To install APL fonts under eXceed:

  1. From the eXceed menu select:

  2.    Xconfig
  3. Select:

  4.    Font
  5. Select:

  6.    Compile Fonts...
  7. Under Directories

  8.    Select:
  9. Output Font Directory

  10.    Change:
  11. Select the bdf fonts to be compiled

  12.    Use the Ctrl key and right mouse button for multiple selections
  13. Select:

  14.    Compile
  15. Select:

  16.    Done
  17. Select:

  18.    Close
  19. If you want to use both the left and right Alt keys for A+, select from Programs

  20.    Exceed
             Alt Key: To X (make this selection)
  21. If Exceed is already running, you will need to reload the database for configuration changes to work in the current session.

  22.    Click Exceed on the task bar with the right mouse button
             Reload Database
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