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Does A+ run under Microsoft® Windows®?

  • The core A+ interpreter, no GUI or IPC, has been ported to windows through a project sponsored by the British APL Association. This version has been dubbed aflat.

What's the easiest way to install XEmacs?

  • Look for a binary distribution suitable for your platform. www.xemacs.org.

Why don't things work in Emacs?

  • The lisp files are designed to operate with XEmacs, not Emacs. They are two different programs. We don't know how to make the A+ XEmacs goodies work with Emacs.

How do I use the APL fonts with my German keyboard?

  • Here is advice from Edgar M. E. Wermuth for users with German keyboards, possibly applicable to other keyboard setups also.
  • Tomas G. of .se kindly sent this recommendation to address the minor bug in the Lisp code:
    This problem can be fixed by putting these lines in ~/.xemacs/custom.el :
     '(default ((t (:size "14pt" :family "Kapl"))) t))

How can I use the APL fonts on Mac OS X without running X11?

  • Matthias Neeracher has created a filter in expect and written up steps to use the APL TrueType font in a Terminal window under Mac OS X. It is left as an exercise for the reader to modify the filter, a+wrap, to invoke A+ with arguments if desired. Also change a+wrap if expect is not installed in /sw/bin/expect.

    • Place KAPL.TTF in /Library/Fonts
    • Download a+wrap, put it in your path and make it executable.
    • Open a window in Terminal.app
    • In the Shell pane (CMD-I opens a window with the panes), set the encoding to ASCII
    • In the Text pane, set the font to KAPL
    • In the Emulation pane, turn on Option (alt) key acts as meta key
    • Now run a+wrap. The option key enables the APL characters.

    Cool, isn't it?

How do I install A+ under Mac OS X (10.3.1) and setup Xemacs?


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