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The required browser is Netscape Navigator 4.0, or later, or an equivalent.  In particular, frames and font specification by name must be supported.  If you use the -install option for Netscape, it will have its own color map and not trash colors in other applications;  alternatively, you can try the -visual PseudoColor option for Netscape — it may also avoid trashing colors in other applications.

If you have JavaScript enabled (Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced in 4.0), when you move the mouse pointer onto some of the links, a brief characterization of the linked text appears in the message status area at the bottom of the Netscape window.


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Instructions for setting up APL fonts with Microsoft® Windows®

Netscape: Face

Does the A+ character set display correctly on your screen?
Check these sample characters:  If they look okay, you're all set.

If these and other special APL characters are not being displayed properly ensure that you have installed the Kapl fonts and you have specified "Use document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts" in your font preferences.

Known font problem when using Internet Explorer

The Domino symbol ("", which should display as a composite of the "" and "" symbols) displays only part of the time under Internet Explorer, and disappears at other times. This is because Internet Explorer interprets this character position as being the Soft Hyphen character (even though a different graphic was intended), and therefore displays it only when it occurs as the last character before a line break (...a seldom-occurring case in A+ code!).

There is no fix that we can offer for this problem with Internet Explorer. Please remember that we recommend the use of Netscape Navigator (4.0 or later) for viewing the web-based A+ documentation.

Netscape: Size

The manual does not impose any font size, since people have varying preferences. This lenience means, however, that you must make sure that the sizes are consistent for the three faces used: the proportional font you have selected (perhaps by default), Courier, and Kapl.

If the APL (Kapl) or Courier size does not match the other faces (as well as possible), select as the fixed width font (via Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts or Options) Kapl or Courier (Adobe) and the font size you prefer. The default fixed font will be the last one selected, but the sizes selected for any faces will be remembered.

It usually doesn't matter what the default fixed font is, because Kapl and Courier are called for explicitly in this documentation. The safest approach, though - one that covers all cases - is to select Kapl as the default fixed font.

And in order to allow these pages to select these fonts, you should select the radio button marked "Use document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts". If that option is not checked, the A+ fonts may not display properly.

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