Index to the A+ Reference Manual:  Introduction

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All" is the entire index in one file.  It is slow to load, but it lets you use Find over the whole index in one operation.  Use the individual sections for any other purpose.

Instead of page numbers, which are meaningless online, arrows are used for references. When there is more than one reference for an entry, commas separate the references. If there are several references and one is principal, that one has an asterisk after its arrow.

For long sections, where a range of pages is shown in the printed version, a link to the end of the section is shown with "end" following the arrow. Links following see or see also or also see lead to other index entries; if there are several, they are separated by and, or, or a comma.

Common alternate names for primitive functions and operators are listed with the preferred name in parenthesis and a link to the page on which it is defined. The parenthesized name constitutes a see reference but you have a direct path to the principal reference. Certain other terms are also listed in this form.

The special APL symbols are included here (in the "Symbols" section), as are the English names of the functions and operators that they represent. The symbols are listed in the order of the English names; when there are several names corresponding to a symbol, it is listed under each, with subentries for the others. The symbols can also be found (with links) in the table at the beginning of Appendix B, "Quick Reference", as can complete tables of the system functions, variables, and commands. The latter are listed here in the index under the headings "system functions", "system variables", and "system commands", as well as separately.

The "Display Attributes" table lists all attributes alphabetically and summarizes certain of their properties. It includes references to further information about individual attributes (marked "more", or "cb" or "fn", for callback or functional information).

A list of the display classes is given in this index under "display classes"; also, the contents frame at left lists all display classes.© Copyright 1995–2008 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. All rights reserved.